The obligatory first post

Here we go, here it is, another blog!

First, how I got here… I don’t know.  I recently looked through pictures to try and figure it out.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I was a skinny teenager.  Around my mid-twenties that changed.  I’m now an overweight 30-something.  I try to figure out how this happened.  A few things stand out to me:

  1. Obviously I was blessed at a young age to be able to eat whatever I wanted and not get fat.  As I’ve gotten older that has changed.  
  2. Over the last several years I’ve drank too much.  Thousands, maybe millions of empty calories.  Plus bar food. 
  3. I lost my accountability partner. 
  4. I lost my pride in myself, but have also been in complete denial.  

I cannot change number one, but I can change what I eat.  I can change number two.  I’m hoping you can all help me change number 3.  And I’d say number 4 has changed, well, mostly.

Sooooo, how are ya going to do it blog girl? 

I’m going to run my butt off.  I’m training for a half marathon that is in December.  I’m scared to death, but I know in a month or two, I’ll look back on where I am today and know I made progress.  I’m still working to convince myself that I’ll succeed in December.  Yes, I’m scared to death.  Also, I’m on weight watchers now.  I’m finding it pretty easy to follow, with the occasional F-ups.  
No matter what the circumstances are, or outcomes, I am responsible for what happens in my life. 

Why should I follow you girl-I-don’t-even-know?

Please follow me, I hope you follow me.  Let’s learn from each other, let’s encourage each other, and let’s pick each other up when we tumble.  Best of all, let’s hold each other accountable. 
So if you are just passing by, I hope to get to know you, and wish you the very best in your personal journey. 

About vegastrigirl

I'm a tri baby who's just started to participate in this crazy circus of triathlons.
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