Open water swimming

Yesterday was my first training in the open water for the swim I am doing on October 1.  It went well, but there were a few things I wasn’t expecting.

  • Choppy – the water was choppy.  Depending on which direction I was swimming, the current would sometimes throw me a little off course.  I’d look up to sight, and would be completely disoriented. 
  • Panic – this only happened once, and it was about 15 minutes into the swim.  My mind got the best of me, and my thoughts started to spiral.  “I can’t see the bottom, I can’t see in front of me, I can’t see to the side, am I even moving at all????”  Fortunately I was able to pull it together quite quickly, but I understand now the fear that some people feel, it was almost like a claustrophobia. 
  • Fear – I saw a fish, maybe.  Then I was sure it was really an eel.  And that it was swimming right around me.  I panicked, flailed a little, lost my stroke.  I think it may have been reflection from the water movement (stare at a pool that has water movement and you’ll see what I mean), and I’m going to continue with that assumption because creatures freak me out! 

What I’m really proud of is my ability to reign my emotions in and talk myself into a calm state more than once.  I really didn’t have any other choice, but I was able to handle the situation quite quickly.

My running is going ok.  I took last Saturday off due to backache (girl problems) and staying out the night before until 2 AM.  I still have to run about 3 minutes and walk 2.  My pace is a 15 minute mile.  Lethargically slow.  I am hoping that as weight comes off my body and the weather cools down I can really pick up some speed and endurance.  Learning how to run has been pretty challenging, and I can’t think of anything else I’ve done that seems so easy on the surface, but takes so long to master.  Ha, maybe if I hadn’t quit golf.

My eating is getting cleaner and cleaner, but I’m still struggling with carb cravings at night.  What do non-carb eaters eat at night when they’re hungry?  Veggies and protein don’t sound good at all.    


About vegastrigirl

I'm a tri baby who's just started to participate in this crazy circus of triathlons.
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