Go right because there’s no shortcuts to the top

Earlier today I wrote about missing my morning run.  I had open water swim this evening, which usually tires me out, between the current and the heat.  I went for a longer than normal swim.  My trainer commented that I was swimming fast (!).  But I couldn’t shake that feeling of disappointment about missing my morning run.

So I stopped at Whole Foods (that always makes me feel better) then headed home.  I ate a bit of my quinoa salad, then decided it had cooled down enough outside (104 degrees, but at least the sun was down) for me to log my 2 miles.  I grabbed the wiener dog (I also feel guilty about leaving the dogs alone for too long) and headed out. The first 1/4 mile felt loooooong.

At almost the 1/2 mile mark I had a choice.  Go left, and I’m home in about a mile, or go right and I’m locked in to just over 2 miles.  Mind you, at this point I’m still feeling bleh, and a mile sounded so do-able and the 2 sounded like an impossible mission.

I decided to let the dog decide.  Subconsciously I knew the dog wouldn’t turn left, because that would require crossing the street… I went right. 

This is huge to me.  I had a chance to get out of something, to take the easy way, and I passed that up.  My current motto is “No shortcuts to the top”  I feel a huge amount of pride right now.  We finished the run at a slow, but decent given the conditions and the preceding swim.  Now I’m ready to sleep and sleep and sleep.

Oh – in unfortunate news, my refrigerator decided to take a crap.  It’s not looking good at all.  The freezer stuff is unsalvageable, and I’m hoping the refrigerator side can maybe hold on until tomorrow, when I’ll try and transport some of the stuff to my work fridge.  Grrrr.  


About vegastrigirl

I'm a tri baby who's just started to participate in this crazy circus of triathlons.
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