Whew, I’m sleepy but here we go!

It’s 7:15 and I’m already sleepy.  I guess that’s a good thing, as I need to be up tomorrow around 4:45.  Hey, if I hurry and go to bed I can get 8 hours of solid zzzzz’s.

Well, the weather here in hell Las Vegas is finally starting to cool down, and just like my super awesome, super smart trainer told me it would, the run is getting easier!!!  I never thought I’d see the day.

In other news, I don’t feel like I’ve been swimming enough, and I have a 2.4 mile swim on October 1.  I just haven’t been able to cram the swim in.  I’m sure I’ll be fine, I just could use a little confidence boost.  It’s a really long time to be swimming without stopping.

That’s really all there is to report.  OH, and last week I learned that nutrition really is extra super important when your training.  Yeah, my super smart trainer told me that too.  


About vegastrigirl

I'm a tri baby who's just started to participate in this crazy circus of triathlons.
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