Wake up call!

After a long endurance event, you get to take a few days off (so I’m told by my running expert friends / coaches).  I went ahead and multiplied that out to be a few weeks off.  Not just of training, but of everything.  Nutrition, sleep, etc.  I was rewarded with tighter pants and a rounder belly.

I had a particularly unpleasant wake up call this weekend at the gym.  I attended the Saturday swim clinic, and invited a friend to come along.  Swim clinic is always a bit of a boost for my ego because it’s the one thing I can do moderately well.  I can’t run fast, I’m not sure if I can bike fast, but I can swim faster than most people (I wouldn’t really call it fast, but faster than most).  I was excited and surprised that my friend swims faster than me – finally someone to be a little competitive with!  But about 15 minutes into the workout I felt sluggish, then tired, then, at about 45 minutes I was in the middle of a lap and stopped right in the middle of the pool, which I don’t think I’ve ever done.
I completed the workout, showered, then headed to grab some lunch.  I was feeling pukey and could barely shove the delicious food down my throat.  After finishing a decent amount, I headed home.  On my way I started seeing spots.  I pulled into the garage, stumbled into the house, and collapsed on the couch, where I remember google searching “stroke symptoms”, reading through them, deciding I was just dehydrated, then  passing out HARD.  I woke up about 90 minutes later, confused and still nauseated.
It was scary.  I still don’t feel 100% better.
Because of this experience, I’ve recommitted to focusing on what goes in my body.  I am sure that eating only tater tots and beer the night before my swim certainly didn’t help my performance.  I’ve been a little stressed lately, and I know I haven’t been drinking enough water.  Yesterday I headed to REI and purchased a couple of new Camelbak water bottles, which always motivates me to up the intake.  While there, I also purchased a super cute tri top, but was disappointed that my body doesn’t look the way I want it to in it (the word rotund comes to mind).  That is not how I envision my first triathlon finish to look, so I’ve started food logging again.  Yeah, it sucks, but it’s keeping me from eating with no regard for nutrition.  I hit up the store today for lunch, and I’ve got a solid arsenal of healthy stuff bulked up in my work fridge.  I can do this…. 4 months until tri day.

About vegastrigirl

I'm a tri baby who's just started to participate in this crazy circus of triathlons.
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