Crabby McCrabberson

Some days you just have to accept that you’re going to be a crabby bitch.  Today is that day for me.  Welcome to my bitch-fest!

I really wanted to skip the gym because, well, I always want to skip the gym.  But it wasn’t an option, specifically because I made this beautiful poster yesterday:

Well, that’s pretty straight forward I’d say.

I trudged in.  Crabby.  One of the girls that we work out with, who I typically like, even though she is about my polar opposite (think girlie girl – sparkly cell phone, fake… well, everything, shorts 2 sizes too small, hair done, etc) walked right in front of me as I was approaching a machine and started using it.  I know it wasn’t intentional at all, but my brain immediately went into attack mode.  I was further enraged by her singing along to her ipod, which was playing Rhianna, which to me is akin to listening to a dying cat.

I wish I could say that I experienced some kind of huge turn around moment, but I can’t.  People got in my way while I was side shuffling (how DARE they work out in the same building as me), benches were moved right into the path I was running in (assholes – the weight room is obviously for running laps around, not weight training) and my heart rate got up to 183 on the elliptical (whaaaat?).

That’s that.  I am crabby.  Fuck it.  It happens.

I did do pull ups today.  All is not lost.


About vegastrigirl

I'm a tri baby who's just started to participate in this crazy circus of triathlons.
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One Response to Crabby McCrabberson

  1. Sandra says:

    Ha! I LOVE THIS!

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