Weekend training recap, with a scary ending…

I woke up bright and early yesterday to go cheer on some of the people I train with as they completed their first triathlon yesterday.  The water was perfect in both temperature and choppiness.


Here’s my friend Crystal, who was most nervous about the swim, grinning from ear to ear as she exited the water.  Later I found out that she was actually laughing at Nancy & me because we were screaming like she just broke a world record.  What can i say, we were stoked!


This is Jamie coming out super fast.


And THIS is one of my favorite people in the world, Dr. Victor.  He fixes me when I break myself, which is more often than I’d like.


A couple of pictures of transition to get you all pumped.


It was a great day, a little hot towards the end (in the 90’s with direct sunlight), but that’s what you get when you race in the desert.  My teammates did amazing – Crystal was 9th overall in the beginners division, and Jamie was 2nd!  Joe came in 6th in his age group on his very first triathlon attempt, and Mickey (not a beginner) won his age group in the Olympic distance.

This is Joe getting stretched after the race.  He has the best pain faces, usually much better than this.  I think Nancy was going easy on him.


Nancy and Joe post race.


This heat crushed all of us, but especially young Luke, who didn’t participate, but still had a blast.


Naturally watching all these awesome teammates of mine got me pumped, so I was ready for my ride this morning.  My event is in 2 weeks, and I’d had yet to complete the entire bike course without having to stop on any of the hills, much to my dismay.  My course is one steep hill right at the beginning, followed by a short downhill, then a 2 mile climb.  After about mile 4 it’s nothing too crazy.  You can view it in detail here.

Today I knew I was going to do it… I set out, and killed the first hill, which I had done once before.  I managed the 2nd hill as well, and was feeling pretty great.  I remembered what coach Nancy always says to us “This stuff is easy, why do they make it so easy?”  I was feeling great.  Then around mile 6 I felt a tingling in both inner thighs (and not the good kind of tingling).  I pressed on, and the tingling went away.  I knew after the turn around it was much easier, so I just pressed on.  I was thrilled when I hit the turn around, thinking “This is when I just let it fly”.

Around mile 9 I had to pull over.  My legs just felt frozen.  I stood up to stretch, and they felt a little better.  I was able to get back on and ride a couple more miles, and had to get off again.  I couldn’t even manage the down hills.  Finally I made it back to my car, about 14 miles from the start.  I fell into the grass and just rolled in pain.  My legs felt horrible.  I laid like this for about 30 minutes, then thought I felt well enough to get to the car.  After racking my bike, I attempted to sit in my car.  Getting in the car felt like someone was ripping my legs apart, tearing the muscles out.  I sat in the front seat an bawled for about 15 minutes.  I cried the whole way home, and then talked to my coach.  I was instructed to sit on a bag of ice.


After about 20 minutes, I could move my legs again without horrific pain.  My legs looked like I’d been in a fight with my bike.


I’ve been home for about 5 hours now, and iced a few times, and they’re starting to feel much better.  I can bend and pick things up now.  But it was scary…. Nancy said I will be fine to race, we’re just going to take it easy for a couple days.  I’m a little nervous, but hopefully this won’t happen again.

By the way, my time today was 1:22.  Not impressive at all.  I looked up last year’s results, and I’m pretty much the slowest person ever.  But I think right now I just will be happy when I finish.


About vegastrigirl

I'm a tri baby who's just started to participate in this crazy circus of triathlons.
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One Response to Weekend training recap, with a scary ending…

  1. Yowza! Looks painful! Consider yourself completely hard core now. Congrats! And p.s. the slowest person never even tried so you’re definitely not the slowest ever! 🙂

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