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What’s the next big adventure?

Many of you who follow this blog know I’ve been struggling a bit with injuries, illnesses, and fatigue.  My biomechanics guy said I needed to take some time off after Iron Girl, and I relayed St. George after IG anyway, … Continue reading

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Swimming struggle

I’m pretty blessed to be a really strong swimmer.  Distance is no issue, I love to swim, and I can do it for hours.  Today I headed over to my favorite place to swim, and hopped in for a glorious … Continue reading

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Dating and the single triathlete

One thing I’ve observed – all of my triathlon and endurance running friends have spouses / BFs / GFs that also do something that requires serious training and discipline.  I’ve tried dating people outside of this community, and, well, I’m … Continue reading

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Must have resources for triathletes, runners, swimmers, and nutrition freaks

Hi all! I’ve just added a page  with all the books, food, movies, websites, shopping resources, and more that I’m always recommending to people.  Please visit and add to the list, I know there’s probably a great deal I’ve missed. Thanks!

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