Swimming struggle

I’m pretty blessed to be a really strong swimmer.  Distance is no issue, I love to swim, and I can do it for hours.  Today I headed over to my favorite place to swim, and hopped in for a glorious hour long swim.  About 10 minutes into the swim I noticed with horror that the bulkhead had been moved, and was blocking the ladder.  The other ladder was 50 yards (meters?) away, blocked by 15 lanes of future Olympian youth swimmers.  For my entire swim all I could think about was how the hell I’d get out of the water.  

I tried to distract myself, thinking about my form, and I was swimming like Dara Torres – I’ve never pulled the water so well, never, not on race day, never.  But all I could do was obsess.

I broke my arm 2 years ago:


 In either 7 or 9 places.  I can’t remember.  It was an emergency surgery, hang out in the hospital for a week, plus follow up surgery kind of situation.  I’m still paying the bills.  

Anyway, I don’t have a ton of upper body strength.  I can use my arm fine now, and can even do a handstand, but I can’t pull my slightly oversized body out of a pool with 12 inch high walls. 

One mom tried to pull me out.  She was unsuccessful.  A fellow swimmer finally got me out.  It took a long time.  I was embarrassed.  There’s so many things I can do, run a 1/2 marathon, swim Ironman distance, triathlon, chug a beer faster than most men.  But I can’t pull my own self out of a pool.  

I had a meltdown.  At least I made it to the car first, but a meltdown ensued.  I swore off ever going to that pool again.  Obviously I’ll go back, but I’ll be more careful in my lane selection.  Or stay in the pool until 8 PM when it closes so I can swim down to the ladder.  I don’t know.  I’m still a bit upset by this.  A person should be able to hoist their own body weight.  

I’ll be working on this, physically.  But right now I need to recover emotionally. 


About vegastrigirl

I'm a tri baby who's just started to participate in this crazy circus of triathlons.
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One Response to Swimming struggle

  1. Adrianne says:

    Keep your chin up and move forward 🙂

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