Alcatraz Recap

In case you’ve ever wondered about the waters of the San Francisco bay, they are fierce. I’ve swam a 2.4 and it was tough, but this was super tough. The distance is 1.5 miles, but you feel like you swam 3 because you’re pulling so hard. I wasn’t bothered by the cold, but this was my first time in salt water, and that was tough. Mouthfuls of salt water suck, and the tiny salt crystals under my wetsuit left some nasty marks on my neck. Ouchies.

To give everyone an idea of how tough this was, the fastest guy finished in about 40 something minutes. 1.5 miles. My time was about 1:16. I wanted to go under an hour, but I’m proud for my first super hard open water salt water swim. Now I know it’s possible!

In other news, I’ve been extremely busy preparing for the next chapter in my life. In 2 weeks I’m moving up to Seattle and I’m very excited. I’ll still be vegastrichick because, well, changing my blog doesn’t seem like an option. 🙂
I’m really looking forward to better (cooler) running and biking conditions. My apartment is in the middle of everything, so I’m going to focus on my 2 weakest disciplines and hopefully be able to catch my fellow Tri girls one of these days!

More to follow! Thanks for all the love and support pre-Alcatraz.

If I can figure out how, I’ll attach a picture of the awesome swag from the race!




About vegastrigirl

I'm a tri baby who's just started to participate in this crazy circus of triathlons.
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