The pain of words

I was walking to my yoga class today, and a homeless drunk guy yelled “Hey fat girl, come here!”

It stung. 

I don’t see myself as a fat person.  I see myself as active, fun, and filled with life. I do triathlons! I go to yoga! Sure, Lucy stopped making pants in my size (XL Tall, screw you Lucy) and Lululemon will never cover my curves, and the shorts I just bought this weekend are just a tad too snug, but in my head I’m still just a good blowout away from being a fitness model for Athleta (because their models have muscles). 

What makes it even worse when I feel down is when people try to convince me I’m awesome. It just makes me feel pathetic.  So when my yoga instructor today told us all how beautiful and strong we all are, I felt the tears well up. 

I think so many people look at overweight people and think “they just don’t try” or “they have no self control” when really, some of us do try and try and try and just never seem to get anywhere. In fact, triathlon me is heavier than lethargic lay-on-the-couch me ever was. It’s a frustrating uphill battle.  

There’s a big part of me that doesn’t want to publish this post. No one wants to hear someone whining about their weight. But I think that what people do need to do is remember to have some compassion and sympathy for each other, and maybe throw a little kindness at someone just because you can. 

With that said, I’m going to go flex in front of the mirror. 


About vegastrigirl

I'm a tri baby who's just started to participate in this crazy circus of triathlons.
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4 Responses to The pain of words

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Hey, I just thought of something. Read that sentence one more time – as if it weren’t written about you. Detaching will be difficult, but try it and tell me what you see…

    I’ve been thinking about your post all morning, it broke my heart a little bit.

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