I’m a 34 year old that didn’t grow up in a very athletic house.  I partied and worked hard all through my 20’s, and the early 30’s, and then I realized I’d rather be active than hungover.  I swam my first open water swim, 2.4 miles (Ironman distance) in October of 2011, and I did my first half marathon (slowly) in December of 2011.  The year 2012 brings my first triathlon, and lots more training, nutrition experimentation, and self discovery.

I train with Nancy, who is an amazing athlete (so many tris and marathons, she’s the BEST) but an even more awesome person.  If you are looking for a great trainer, she’s someone you should talk to –  http://corehore.com/.   Also, I enjoy her blog, especially since I get frequent shout outs, so check it out.


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