Things I couldn’t live without!

There’s so many great resources for triathletes out there.  I’m listing some of my favorites, please feel free to comment below with yours!



  • Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis – If you’ve ever wondered what the big deal is about wheat, Dr. Davis can explain.
  • The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf – An easy read, backed by solid research.  Also includes 30 days of recipes.
  • The Healthy Gluten Free Life by Tammy Credicott – This cookbook is a little heavy on the sweets and treats, but if you are gluten, dairy, soy and egg free, this book is a life saver.
  • Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso – Wonderful, family friendly suggestions.  I especially like that the back of the book lists functional exercises that include the whole family.  This book would be a great gift for someone just beginning paleo that doesn’t know where to start.
  • The Feed Zone Portables book.  I’m trying my best to eat only foods that actually occur in nature, which do not include Goos, Powerbars, and the like.  With one exception, I do have a weakness for Jelly Beans with Caffeine.  But I digress.  Food Zone Portables is awesome.  It has suggestions in both savory (protein) and sweet (carbs) categories.  The recipes vary in difficulty, although most are more on the easy side.  The instructions are very easy to follow, and the food is delicious.



  • TRISLIDE.  This stuff is awesome, and just for reference, I’m not one to sing the praises of Body Glide.  TRISLIDE is so much better than Body Glide because it doesn’t wash or rub off.  Last year I used Body Glide for my Escape From Alcatrez swim, and within 10 minutes I was chafing horribly around the neck of my wetsuit.  For weeks I looked like a teenage girl who’s boyfriend went nuts on her neck.  Not the case with TRISLIDE.  I used it for this weekend’s race, and it didn’t wash off, and at the end of the race, after nearly 2 hours, I still had still had that nice slick feel everywhere I’d applied.  And taking off my wetsuit in T1was super-fast.  ‘Nuff said, MUST HAVE.
  •  Waterproof Ipod Shuffle and Swimbuds. I know, I know, on race day you can’t listen to music.  That doesn’t mean you have to suffer through long training sessions.  The earbuds are fantastic, and the music really keeps me motivated in the pool.
  • I don’t listen to headphones on the bike, I’m too accident prone, but when I have really long rides I like to have some tunes.  I use the Topeak Case to hold my phone.  It’s mounted right on the stem, and my phone slides in easily. The actual holder is quite small, and I don’t notice it when I’m riding without my phone mounted in.  This is also awesome for when I’m on the trainer and want to shoot out a quick text.



  • Born to Run by Christopher McDougall (book)
  • You Are an Ironman by Jacques Steinberg (book)
  • Ride the Divide (movie) – watch this!  It’s available on Netflix streaming
  • Spirit of the Marathon (movie) – also on Netflix streaming
  • Swim Speed Secrets by Sheila Taormina (book) – don’t buy this book if you’ll be racing against me  🙂


  • Mobility workout of the day – Take 15 minutes each day and prevent an injury
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness – Ben is THE MAN.  Chances are he’s answered your question at some point.  He also has an awesome free podcast.
  • Robb Wolf‘ – A little heavy on sales pitch, but his podcast is also excellent.
  • Music – If you’re like me, you get sick of your playlists pretty quick.  I like to download the Podrunner podcast when I’m feeling like electronic music, and the I Heart Radio app for when I can’t decide.

More to come, of course…

5 Responses to Things I couldn’t live without!

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  2. Asia says:

    Thanks for sharing! I just added both of those movies to my Netflix queue! I’m getting ready to read Chrissie Wellington’s book “A Life Without Limits,” and my guess is that it’s going to be very inspirational. She is an incredible woman!

  3. Chirssie’s book is good–you’ll like it–empowering. Chris McCormack’s I’m Here to Win is also entertaining. 🙂

  4. tntriathlete says: is a great resource. Unbelievable selection. They have things I haven’t found anywhere else.

    I’m not happy Chrissie had Lance Armstrong write the introduction for her book. This was after the whole Armstrong thing blew up. I don’t want to start a debate here but I wish she had not done that.

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